Gulf Coast Pedicab Service is a bicycle taxi company based in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola + Pensacola Beach and the rest of the Gulf Coast are fast growing areas, and pedicabs have filled the niche of environmentally friendly transportation service.

Nicholas Sexton owns and operates Gulf Coast Pedicab Service. “We pride ourselves in customer service, innovative advertising tactics, and professional safe transportation.” Beat the headache of finding a parking spot and hitch a ride in a pedicab. Sexton says people choose a ride in one of his pedicabs over your everyday taxicab because it’s “more fun, environmentally friendly, and people don’t have to drive around to find a parking space.” Instead, drivers can park wherever they can find a vacant spot and call our pedicab service to pick them up and take them to their desired location.” We want our customers to expect round-trip service, our drivers will go as far as they want, a door-to-door experience.” Our pedicabs are great for families, those with disabilities and those who’ve had too much to drink.

JUST TIPS, you heard right. Gulf Coast Pedicab Service cabbers pedal for tips and tips only. Normal taxi cabs are commonly known to take the longest route possible, in order for the meter to run on and on. GCPS cabbers pride themselves in the no-meter taxi service. Gulf Coast Pedicab Service operates with a “Pay as you please!” state of mind. Our customers are rarely let down in our service, many leave laughing, grinning, and even eager to tell others how much fun our pedicabs are!

Pensacola peeps seem to be particularly fond of the pedicabs. Cabbers often have repeat customers that like taking a certain bike or rider. There are just to many perks to pedicabs: the welcoming drivers, the comfortable ride, and the breeze that is instantly refreshing if you, well, live in Pensacola. While some passengers are in a hurry, with eager cabbers pedaling as hard as they can, there are those who ride for the luxury of it. Cabbers enjoy the quick sprint down the block and the slow-paced downtown tour. Gulf Coast Pedicab Service is a stellar example of fun innovative transportation.

The pedicabs can comfortably seat two to three adults, with children in their laps as an acceptable option, and the ride is always FREE. Gulf Coast Pedicab Service has about 30 independent contractors who rent the cabs from the company. They pay a fee daily and keep the remaining tips for themselves! “Some of them have gotten quarters and pennies to $100 dollar bills — they ride for it all,” said Sexton. $10′s are good, $20′s are better, but our drivers love those $100′s. We currently service the entire Downtown Pensacola area, the Blue Wahoo’s home games, and the beautiful island of Pensacola Beach! GCPS puts the drivers through training before they can operate the pedicabs.“We aren’t just sending them out,” Sexton said.

GCPS also offers pedicab service for Special Events, Weddings, Festivals, & More!

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Having lived all my youth on Pensacola Beach, it was time to set out and explore. I soon moved to Orlando after high school and obtained a degree in Marketing with a Track in Sales. I made my through college by working for several marketing agencies and promoting their products. Once finishing college I took my marketing promotions to another level! I moved to Miami and became a brand ambassador for Fortune 500 companies based around the world. I was sent to cities all over the United States and saw many business ideas. Once I saw Pedicabs in New Orleans and took a ride on a Pedicab in Denver, it hit! We needed Pedicabs back home and along the Gulf Coast.
After doing hundreds of Marketing promotions, I saw a creative niche for Pedicabs and marketing combined. Instead of coming up with ways to talk to customers, let’s make it easy by offering them FREE rides! Once customers are on the Pedicab, they start to open up to you automatically. They want to hear what you say and whats Hot and what’s Not in Town. Pedicabs are fun and friendly and make it easy to talk to anyone.
I chose the name, Gulf Coast Pedicabs because we are able to offer a fun, environmentally friendly and safe mode of transportation to any city, event or wedding along the Gulf Coast. Today I operate a fleet of 13 Pedicabs and plan on expanding by the end of the year. I must say it has been a tough first year, but it wouldn’t have been possible without my pro drivers and Pedicab sponsors.
Remember that the drivers pedal for tips and tips only, if you enjoyed the ride please show them your appreciation.

Take a ride! – Nick Sexton